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Dear Readers,

It's always such a delight to hear from you!  And I'm intrigued at receiving mail from all corners of the earth--from here in New York City to Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania. 

            Because of publishers' lack of interest in family sagas, I've moved away from that category (which I continue to love) and have returned to the romantic suspense and contemporary novels (and an occasional historical) of my early days as a paperback original novelist.  And yes, I become much involved in these and love writing them, also.  However, my two HarperCollins UK family sagas (published throughout the United Kingdom)--A WOMAN FOR ALL SEASONS (the Manchester News said "Magnetic!") and A SACRED OBLIGATION (a saga cum suspense) have not yet been published in this country.  I hope to see this happen soon.

            The two titles scheduled thus far for publication in 2006 are SILENT RAGE (Severn House, April) and FIRE ISLAND SUMMER (Five Star, August).




Newly appointed Assistant Managing Editor of the Westwood Sentinel, Sandy Taylor  is shaken when publisher Adrienne Moss--her godmother and soon to be mother-in-law--is murdered.   Jamie Moss and his twin brother Anthony are quickly brought home from Iraq for their mother's funeral.   Jamie--a marine--had been recovering in a military hospital in Germany.  Anthony was in Baghdad as a foreign correspondent.  Jamie had been his mother's right hand on the newspaper since college graduation.  Anthony sought more adventure than he'd find on a small town newspaper.  In rapid succession each of Adrienne's three closest friends is murdered.  Not by Adrienne's murderer--he's in custody.  Still, Sandy is convinced there's a link between the four killings--though the police disagree.  Jamie and Anthony agree with her, vow to find the killer of their mother's close friends, offer a large reward leading to apprehension.  Then the murderer tries to strike again--with Jamie as his plotted victim.  This attempt fails--with the town horrified  to discover who killed Adrienne Moss's three best friends and tried to kill her son.  Now they discover the link to Adrienne's murder.  There will be no more killings in Westwood.



Psychiatric social worker Anne Evans is about to head for Fire Island to close up her late parents' house.  She's upset about Joey, a 12-year-old student in a brush with the law.  She feels he can be saved--though he's running with two classic sociopaths.  But what will happen to him over the summer?  At an upstate New York prison, former Columbia College freshman Mark Cameron--who'd planned a law career--is about to be released after six years of incarceration on a rape charge--of which he's innocent.  He's met by his 23-year-old former cellmate Chuck, scheduled to be his henchman in a devious--but seemingly foolproof--scheme to provide them with high living.  Mark is determined to make up for every day he spent in prison--with the law providing the means.  But then he meets Anne--and he knows he can't follow through on his plans.  But is it too late to change?